The Review: Who Do You Think John Barban Is?

John B.

Mr. John Barban

John Barban is nothing but the “genius”, the expertise and the inspiration behind the well-know weight loss and body fit improvement systems the Venus Factor (for women) and the Adonis Golden Ratio (for men). Maybe you don’t know but this two systems are the most in-demand digital health and body care programs on internet right now, being searched almost 1.457 times every single day around the world (according to Google).

Many of us didn’t know, me included,  but John Barban is a world-class expert in Physiology, Biology and Nutrition, even being a Human Performance teacher at the University of Florida. He is simply an authority on his field and a true reflection for every single word on his systems. That’s the reason why thousands of people have trusted their products, almost blindly.

What About The So-Called Venus Factor?

If you have been struggling for years to drop pounds and are tired of getting substandard results, now is the time to find a diet plan that fits the needs of your body. John Barban has designed a system that is perfect for women as it acknowledges the differences between the male and female metabolism and their unique nutritional needs. This is a life-changing program as it can help women to finally achieve the natural balance that they have been seeking while gaining optimal levels of health and physical fitness. This video explains something about the system:

Venus Factor Video

Male?…The Adonis Golden Ration Could Fits You

People commonly associate John Barban with his weight loss system for men, the Adonis Golden Ratio program. This was designed to help men workout less, while getting faster and better results from their physical activities.

John believed that it was unnecessary for men to spend countless hours in the gym and eat foods and food products that tasted poorly, undernourished their bodies and caused a range of health issues. He knew that achieving the perfect body and the perfect balance were both far easier than the diet and weight loss industry was making them out to be.

After implementing the Adonis Golden Ratio system with unrivaled success, he decided that he would share his strategies with women by designing a diet plan and workout system that was reflective of their needs.

Wanted to know a little bit more? Let me tell you what is the Venus Factor Diet and what is the Adonis Golden Ratio.